My Mission

Who Am I?

To be honest, I really hate these “about me things” and since it’s my website I was tempted to say f*ck it and go without. Then my team made a point to gently remind me that most people will have no idea who the hell I am and I needed to tell them. Touché.

My name is Anthony Mink, my friends call me Mink. I’m driven by one thing above all else, the desire to live life on MY TERMS, and to be the best man I can be. The desire for freedom, financial security, and to live my life my way has led me to build multiple companies, travel to 40+ countries, and generate over $50+ million in sales as an entrepreneur.

I started out as a scared, broke kid with zero confidence, and no idea what to do.

I had no money, no skills, and no contacts. At my lowest point I was $100,000 in debt and bankrupt at 23. In that moment, I felt like all was lost. My failures validated my biggest fear, I was not good enough to achieve my dreams and I might always be a failure. 

Adding insult to injury, my father critized me over and over, telling me how big of a f*ck up I was. Feeling a mixture of fear, sadness, and rage, I realized I had one thing that could never be taken away from me and it was the only thing we need to be successful. 

I had the courage to admit my life was my fault and if anything was going to change, I had to change.

I had no clue what to do, but in that moment I made a commitment to take radical responsibility for my life and never ever give up on my dreams. By taking ownership of my failures, I have turned my failures into lessons and I’ve used those lessons to create life on my terms.

I credit all of my success to two things: taking radical responsibility for my life; and committing to constant and never-ending improvement.

After my bankruptcy, I committed to going all in on my education and invested every dollar I had into books, online courses, and mentorship programs. In total, I’ve invested $500,000+ into my education and that investment has created the man I am today.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is, we never have a “how” problem, it’s always a “who” problem.

Meaning, who do we need to become to be capable of creating the life we want. What skills do we need to learn, what character traits do we need to possess, and what beliefs are required to create the life we want.

Today I’m proud to say I’m an 8-figure founder, the CEO of, a speaker, podcast host, and a self-proclaimed beach boy. I love the game of business, fitness, traveling to new beaches, experiencing new cultures, and most of all, I love sharing ideas and insights from my journey to help inspire you on yours.

Why Am I Here?

I’m here because I want to inspire you to believe in yourself, to take radical responsibility for your life, and commit to personal excellence. I use the word inspire very intentionally. It originates from the Latin word, inspirare which means, “breathe life into.” To me, few things are more powerful than that. 

My mission is to breathe life, love, confidence, passion, faith and possibility into the world.

I believe we were created for a reason, and our life has a purpose. The visions we have, the ideas that inspire us, and the dreams we long for, they represent what’s possible for us when we have the courage to believe in ourselves and go all in on our dreams.

As the CEO of Live Bearded, I’ve had the privilege of having thousands of conversations with men over the years, and my love of travel has taken me all around the world where I’ve talked with people from every walk of life.

From Asia and the Middle East, to Europe, the Caribbean, and Central/South America, I can tell you from experience, everyone struggles with the same fears, doubts and feelings of not being enough.

My entire life I’ve struggled with confidence, self-doubt, and feeling like I would never be good enough to achieve my dreams.

Growing up, my father was an abusive alcoholic who would constantly tell my mother and I how worthless and useless we were. As a young kid, it made me sad. As a teenager, it made me angry. Over time I started to believe him and it made me doubt myself in every possible way. 

In hindsight, not believing in myself is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made and my mission is to do everything I can to make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

My experiences with my father taught me, we can get sad and angry at life, or we can use the pain we experience to mold us into who we are born to be. We can see life as happening to us, or we can believe life is happening for us.

I believe with all my heart, life is happening for us and that means the pain we experience in life has the potential to create our purpose and inspire us to become the man or woman God created us to be. Together we can use the pain of our past to transform us into the greatest version of ourselves. 

I believe we were born to be f*cking great, and I’m here to support you so we can go all in on life together and create life on our terms!

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F*ck Average

We have lost our way. We used to praise excellence, now praise mediocrity. We used to celebrate personal responsibility, now we celebrate victimhood. We used to admire individual achievement, now we demonize the achievers. We used to seek the uncomfortable truth, now we just seek comfort.

We need a new brand of leaders to rise up and lead. Leaders who reject the status quo, embrace responsibility, speak uncomfortable truths, pursue excellence, and hold each other accountable to never f*cking settle for less than we were created to be. If you’re ready to become great, say F*ck Average and join a community achievers who win at life, you’ve come to the right place.