F*ck Average

You Were Born To Be Great!

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We Have Lost Our Way...

We used to praise excellence and now praise mediocrity. We used to celebrate personal responsibility, now we celebrate victimhood. We used to admire individual achievement, now we demonize the achievers. We used to seek the uncomfortable truth, now we just seek comfort.

Good times have created weak leaders and a soft society.

They have eroded our cultural values, perverted truth, and tried to make everyone a victim so we give our power away and make them our savior.

In the pursuit of comfort we’ve taken the path of least resistance, accepted mediocrity, settled for average, avoided personal responsibility, and condemned those who have achieved more because they show us we are settling for less than we can be.

Our culture of excellence has become a culture of dependency, victimhood, and entitlement.

Instead of challenging each other to overcome the adversities of life and having the courage to share hard truths, we’ve accepted excuses and blamed others for our failures and shortcomings.

We’ve become the victim of circumstance instead of the creator of it.

We’ve forgotten that greatness is created by taking radical responsibility for our results, and committing to constant and never-ending improvement.

To achieve anything great, we must take massive action, make sacrifices for what we want, have the discipline to follow through, and the courage to push beyond our limits to discover what’s possible.

I believe we need a new brand of leaders to rise up and lead.

Leaders who reject average, embrace responsibility, speak uncomfortable truths, pursue personal excellence, and hold each other accountable to never f*cking settle for less than we were created to be.

We need to challenge the status quo, speak truth to power, hold each other accountable, celebrate individual achievement, admire personal responsibility, and pursue truth beyond comfort.

Our journey to becoming who we are born to be starts by saying f*ck average and declaring our life is our fault, and we are entitled to nothing!

We have a moral, ethical, and spiritual responsibility to be the best that we can be.

To take the gifts and talents our creator has given us and to go all-in on life. To hold nothing back so we have nothing to lose. We must have the courage to believe in ourselves, chase our dreams, and lead by example so that our life can be an example of what’s possible.

You were born to be f*cking great, your life has a purpose.

The visions you have, the ideas that inspire you, the dreams you long for represent what’s possible for you when you take massive action and radical responsibility for your life. If you have a burning desire to create more, experience more, and be more… you’re in the right place.

Together we must live with passion, inspire through action and spread love everywhere we go, setting a new standard and demonstrate what true leadership is. It’s time to say f*ck average and find out how great we can be!